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We Build Worlds

Is it time for a new vision for sound? We’ve been reimagining what musical instruments could look and sound like in the digital domain. With Extended Reality, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse worlds emerging, we have explored their potential by concepting and creating hypothetical interactive digital instruments that push the boundaries of feeling and musical expression.

Instruments in the Digital Domain


Musical Instruments have an inextricable relationship between their physical form and the vibrational sounds they produce. They are sculptural, visual delights built in divine ratios, emerging and necessitated by these vibrations and the waves and frequencies they create.

Being able to play with the virtual laws of physics we’ve created an ecosystem of instruments that bring celestial forms of interaction and musicality, yet still feel recognisable and tangible.

△ INSTRUMENT DESIGN | FILANA | All sound is created from vibrational waves and this instrument visually illustrates that wave flow. Also it can change its mood. From soft and flowing to sharp and aggressive.

△ INSTRUMENT DESIGN | MATAK | All materials have an innate tonality. Through segmenting and slicing this volume different qualities of sounds can be produced.

△ INSTRUMENT DESIGN | UDUAN | Like clay on a lathe. It can be sculpted/ morphed into different shapes and materials. Tactile sculpting the shape of the air.

△ INSTRUMENT DESIGN | BICELIUM | Inspired by the spatial magnificence of organs as well as ASMR. The instrument branches with different lengths of pipes. Also the shape /material of these can change and influence the sound.

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