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We Build Worlds

As the global population grows we are using up finite resources, destroying the land, forests and oceans and causing global warming.  As humans continue to move more and more into cities we are loosing our understanding of the effect we are having upon the world around us. We are becoming isolated from it, yet the reality is we are connected, it is a part of us. If is unhealthy, we are unhealthy, if it is healthy, we are healthy. We need to see and respond to the effects the city super organisms are having upon the environment.



Andy Clark and David Chalmers proposed the concept of the Extended mind, in which objects around us play a part in cognitive processes and it is wrong to say “that the mind is contained only within the boundaries of the skull.” This is particularly true of computers and smart phones.

I am interested in how we can we can extend our senses, our perception and our understanding in a manner which would allow us to be more intimately connected with the environment around us, in effect so it becomes apart of us. In the film Avatar the tribe can connect to the main tree and become connected to all around them. Their lands pain is their pain.

"the existence of neural queues (or as the Na’vi call them: Tsahaylu ‘the bond between all things’) on all manner of organisms and plants. These neural connections allow organisms to communicate with each other on an extremely deep level. There also exists a similar connection between the roots of the trees all around the planet of Pandora, creating what is essentially a global consciousness the Na’vi call Eywa and treat as a deity. This connection is something I will come back to. "

I am interested in the use of VR to be able to extend our mind. Below are some tests I started that looked at a potential VR simulation. This would give us a chance to augment both our scale and perception of time to see the process and changes to the earth that man has caused.

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